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The Evolution of Sara Weinstock

Artist Sara Weinstock’s journey into jewelry design began as a quest for healing. It was 2008, the world was crashing financially, and Sara was working through the repercussion of her 20 year marriage coming to an end and her kids leaving the nest. Drawing on a love of jewelry that stemmed from a young age, when one of her many aunts would put bags of estate jewelry on the floor and let Sara discover their many fascinations, Sara drew inspiration from river rocks in Tahoe and began conveying their messages into pieces that had meaning to her and resonated with what she knew her soul was in need of at the time. Hamsas representing the hand of God, Serpents for Protection, Lotus representing new beginnings, a single bezel representing love for oneself, and dragonflies that signified letting go of the past and of things that no longer serve us.

In her “previous” life Sara had a penchant for classic, diamond looks. But with her new perspective, she had taken on a more bohemian aesthetic and the jewelry she was creating was a reflection of this. Her spiritually relevant jewelry also played into the zeitgeist of the time. People weren’t comfortable buying flashy jewelry amidst a world financial crisis, but they were more willing to purchase pieces that had spiritual significance.

Serendipity played a big part in the evolution of Sara’s brand. A mutual friend told her she needed to make a necklace for Sheryl Crowe, who was stumping for Obama on his first campaign trail. Sara didn’t know who Sheryl was, but she made her a necklace and the next thing you know, Sara was presented with an opportunity to display her work during Paris Fashion Week. She was so unfamiliar with the logistics of participating at an event like this, and she had to make a decision to buy a ticket and get on a plane the very next day, that she hand carried her jewelry on the plane. Upon landing in Paris, she was met by a friend of a friend—on a motorcycle—at Charles de Gaulle, and whisked over to the Louvre! She walked into the event organizer’s office, put her jewelry on his desk, he looked at it and half an hour later came back and told her, “You’re in the show!” Suddenly, Sara realized that a project that was meant to be a healing process had turned into a career.

Over time, Sara’s Gemini nature kicked in and the pendulum started to swing back towards her roots—diamonds! Explains Sara, “Last year was really our first year that we had this new, evolved look, and it became more of a signature of who we are, and more approachable across multiple demographics. I think we’ve landed in a really great place and it encourages me to keep going in this direction!”

And yet there are some parts of those healing designs that Sara continues to produce. Her one-of-a-kind Buddha pieces are still highly requested, and yet they are so hard to come by, and they never stay available for long, that the company doesn’t really consider them part of the core collection.

We can’t wait to witness the continued evolution of the Sara Weinstock collection! From once losing her mom’s engagement ring after wearing it to kindergarten (how could she not let her friends all try it on?!), to those treasured bags of estate jewelry, to a collection that helped her heal, to her current, elegant and feminine collection, Sara continues to tell stories and express herself through jewelry design. As a result, the world is a much more beautiful place!

(Images of both “classic” and new introductions can be seen below!).




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Michelle Orman

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