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#WeAreCOUTURE with Katherine Jetter

Amidst the frantic crush that always marks the final countdown to COUTURE, it’s helpful to pause momentarily and reflect upon what an incredible community this is. In just a couple of short weeks, we’ll all be back together at the Wynn and Encore in Las Vegas, and all of the hard work and last-minute preparations, the long hours and the night’s spent playing Insomnia Jeopardy (wait, that’s not just me, is it? “I’ll take ‘Things I Forgot to do Today for $500, please!'”) will have been worth it. The thing that never ceases to fill my heart with joy is the insane level of support this community shows one another, especially among the designers. That is why I was so delighted to learn that designer Katherine Jetter is returning to COUTURE as an exhibitor, and she is still full steam ahead in creating special events for COUTURE designers at her seasonal couture jewelry gallery in Nantucket, The Vault.

Last year Katherine attended COUTURE as a buyer, and she was thrilled with the response she received from her fellow COUTURE designers that accepted her invitation to be featured in her shop. This year, she’s already got an almost finalized line-up of events scheduled, so in addition to showcasing four brand new collections of her own, she’ll be meeting with her fellow designers, hammering out details of their upcoming events. We had a chance to chat with Katherine briefly to see what she’s got up her sleeve for this summer!

COUTURE: Once again, you’re featuring a lot of other designers and brands in your store, what’s the thinking behind that?

Katherine Jetter: I think it’s really important for us to support each other and be kind to each other and be strong as a unit. It’s so important to have peers that you can lean on and share with and trust. The Vault is my opportunity to celebrate what’s one-of-a-kind and unique about COUTURE designers’ work.

COUTURE: So tell us about some of the events you have lined up this summer!

KJ: We haven’t finalized everything yet, but we know that Jade Trau is going to come in for an event where we’re inviting women to bring in jewelry that they no longer enjoy wearing and have Jade re-design something special that they love. We’re having Stephen Webster and Jeff Feero from Alex Sepkus come in for a “Rock Star” panel. I’m going to moderate, and we’re going to hear some of their “war stories” from the gem world and gem mines. It’s meant to be interactive and engaging. Victor Velyan is going to come in to discuss ancient metalsmithing art forms–many of the techniques that Victor employs in his work are almost extinct, so he’s going to give some background on their history and explain why he continues to utilize them. We also have events with Mattia Cielo, Federica Rettore, Arunashi, Sara Hendler, ARK, Dana Rebecca and Gumuchian. I’m not sure exactly what the angle of those events will be, but they’ll be fun and educational!

COUTURE: You do put a heavy emphasis on education, can you explain why?

KJ: I want to demystify jewelry so that my clients can begin to ask intelligent questions. I want to pique their curiosity, and then provide them with the best resources to advance their knowledge. Jewelry is shrouded in mystery, and while I don’t want to take away any of its lore, information is already so readily available to everyone. With The Vault, we have a great opportunity to bring together designers, gemologists, and other experts in their field into a retail environment and truly educate the consumer.

COUTURE: It’s great that you’re not keeping all of this “action” to yourself, Katherine!

KJ: There’s so much talent in the COUTURE community, and so much creativity and imagination, there’s plenty to go around! The summer in Nantucket is our time to make our dreams come true!



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Michelle Orman

Michelle Orman

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