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Viva Las Vegas with Brookland!

The designers behind Brookland, Barbara Brownstein and Jennifer Sholtis Garfal, believe your style is your signature. As such, they’ve designed their new collection of incredibly wearable, sophisticated, contemporary yet classic jewelry to become staples within a woman’s collection of jewelry. The line pays homage to Brooklyn, NY, with its interesting architectural details, urban grit and iconic New York City symbolism and it is, fittingly, manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in the heard of Brooklyn. We’re thrilled to welcome Barbara and Jennifer to COUTURE for the first time this year and can’t wait to see their line and try it on in person!

COUTURE: This is your first time exhibiting at COUTURE, tell us a few things you want everyone to know about your jewelry and your brand.

Barbara Brownstein & Jennifer Sholtis Garfall: Brookland represents a new kind of luxury- authentic, creative, and confident. Our collection celebrates not only our vision of an ideal jewelry wardrobe- jewelry that we want to wear day after day, with everything in our closet- but also the renowned legacy of skilled American manufacturing. Honestly, we feel like kids in a candy store! We were able to bring this vision to life with the support of the most talented jewelers in a state-of-the-art factory in Brooklyn. The advanced capabilities of the factory enabled us to achieve all of our design dreams regardless of complexity in the finest quality.

COUTURE: Why have you chosen to exhibit at COUTURE?

BB & JSG: The COUTURE Shows sets the standard for luxury and design in the jewelry industry. We believe that the design and quality of our collection is the right fit for the COUTURE market.

COUTURE: As a first time exhibitor, what are you most nervous about?

BB & JSG: Of course, we are anxious to see how the product will be received in the market. First impressions are everything!

COUTURE: What are you most excited about?

BB & JSG: We are excited to debut the collection at such a renowned show. We feel very lucky to have been invited to exhibit at Couture. We are also excited about our booth design (we are bringing a little Brooklyn flavor to Vegas) and to share the jewelry for the first time! So far, early feedback has been very positive.

COUTURE: What single piece of jewelry or what collection are you most excited to present during your COUTURE debut?

BB & JSG: We really love our Catena Collection, which was inspired by the chain link fences that are ubiquitous to Brooklyn and other urban areas. Catena is the Latin word for chain. We feel that this collection represents the links between us and the fact that “In Unity There is Strength,” which happens to be Brooklyn’s motto!

COUTURE: Have you given any thought to your Vegas “uniform” yet? What are you packing?

BB & JSG: Comfortable shoes and wraps for air conditioning. The rest is T.B.D.

COUTURE: If a theme song could play as you entered the Wynn for COUTURE for the first time, what would it be?

BB & JSG: “Empire State of Mind” by amazing New Yorker Alicia Keys…of course!

COUTURE: Whose collection, other than your own, are you most excited to see at COUTURE?

BB & JSG: It is so difficult to choose because there is so much fabulous jewelry at COUTURE! We look forward to seeing some of our New York neighbors and old friends like Gumuchian.

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Michelle Orman

Michelle Orman

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