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Designing Women Profile–Gumuchian

The three women behind Gumuchian–Anita, Myriam and Patricia–are all forces to be reckoned with! On any given day in their Manhattan atelier you will find Anita perched at her desk, sifting through diamonds and gemstones, sketches of designs surrounding her. One door down, you’ll find Patricia developing ideas and sketches, while down the hall you’ll catch Myriam, dressed to kill and dripping in Gumuchian jewelry, ready to go out and be the face of the brand. These three incredible women are devoted to creating exquisitely crafted jewelry for their collectors, and they do so every day, without compromising their values, or their impossibly high standards!

COUTURE: Your family has been in the jewelry industry for 100 years, at what point were the operations completely taken over by you three women?

Myriam Gumuchian: In the late 70’s our mother, Anita Gumuchian, decided to start designing fine jewelry for the American market. We are the fourth generation in the industry which started in diamonds and very fine gemstones dating back over 100 years. We brought our diamonds and gemstones to the US in the 70’s and Anita saw there was a need for a fashion-forward high-quality jewelry collection. That is when we decided to bring our European style and craftsmanship to the US and started the Gumuchian jewelry collection.

COUTURE: Myriam and Patricia, given that you were literally born into the industry, what was your involvement with jewelry growing up? Formally or informally?

MG: From a very young age, since our parents worked in the industry, the dinner conversations were always about interesting gemstones and diamonds that they had purchased or seen. Our father was extremely passionate about natural colored diamonds and unheated rubies, sapphires and exceptional emeralds (some of which we have and use today). Hearing their passion made us appreciate the fine gemstone world.

COUTURE: What do you think uniquely positions you as female entrepreneurs in driving the success of your business? 

MG: For us it is knowing what women want in a piece of jewelry, because ultimately, we are the end consumer. Our tagline/mantra is “Designed by Women for Women” with our office run by women our collaborative objective is to provide women with exceptional quality jewelry that is versatile and can be worn day to night. Every piece is handcrafted in our New York City atelier allowing us to have complete control over every aspect of the piece, making sure it fit our standards. We pride ourselves in our craftsmanship and innovative designs, such as our many convertible necklaces which give women to opportunity to reinvent themselves with a new look each day of the week. We know jewelry needs to not only look amazing but it needs to feel good and stand the test of time, each piece is a future heirloom.

COUTURE: Did/do you have any mentors, male or female?

Our mentor is our mother, we learned from her our father and grandfather that in business you have to be 100% transparent and most importantly ethical. We always knew that your name and integrity is what maters most in our industry. Our mother taught us to never sacrifice our standards and beliefs in business. She is also one of the most dedicated women in our company and is still fully involved after 40 years.

COUTURE: If another aspiring female entrepreneur were to approach you and ask you for some words of advice, what would you tell her?

We are grateful to be in a place in our business that we often have the opportunity to mentor other female designers and participate on important industry boards. We always share the philosophy of being authentic to who you are, own your own voice and be unique in your designs.

COUTURE: Do you have a core philosophy for running your business?

To treat every customer with the same respect, honesty and kindness. Never sacrifice on your beliefs and quality of work.

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