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Loren Nicole’s Equine Venture

When Loren Teetelli decided she needed to incorporate tassels into her Loren Nicole collection, she was immediately drawn to the idea of using horsehair. Growing up on the East Coast, Loren rode and competed with her horse Lightening (pictured below), and her other horse named Jazz, throughout her childhood. With a background in Archeology, Art History and Anthropology, evoking the wonders of ancient history is a key component of all of Loren’s jewelry, and horses have been part of human history for thousands of years, which also made this decision a natural one for her.

With the tassel pieces so new they were still on the bench, scenes of horses being trapped during the Creek Fire in early December horrified Loren, now a resident of California. After a fire engulfed the San Luis Rey Downs training site, most of the surviving horses were moved to Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, who saw its equine population swell to over 800, and the horse community joined together to take action. Santa Anita Park, The Stronach Group and Del Mar Thoroughbred Club started a Kickstarter campaign, stating, “Feed, bedding, blankets and many other everyday supplies are still needed for both human and equine evacuees, and donations towards medical bills, housing, and other essential amenities are necessary to help the hurting California horse racing community.”

As the fires, fueled by strong winds, continue to rage on, many horses and other four-legged creatures in barn-heavy areas continue to be displaced. When Loren thinks about the horses that have been displaced, she imagines how scared and traumatized they must be and it breaks her heart, so the timing of the launch of her tassel collection turned out to be fortuitous. While it was not specifically created to give back, she is determined to donate 30% of the proceeds either to the aforementioned Kickstarter campaign, or to the Humane Society of Ventura, who is also active in helping throughout this recovery process. In doing so Loren is showcasing, as so many in our community often do, her generosity of spirit while she makes the world a better, and more beautiful, place!

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Michelle Orman

Michelle Orman

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