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Celebrating 20 Years of Atelier Munsteiner

A long time exhibitor at COUTURE, Tom Munsteiner is a veritable legend within the lapidary community. In fact, Tom’s talents are so profound, I don’t even know if there is a language to describe the extent of his artistry. The intricacy he brings to cutting stones on a micro-level is mirrored in his macro-sized work on large scale gemstone installations. When I take the time to really focus on his work, I get lost in its complexity, and I often wonder what it would be like to live inside his head, even for just a few hours! This past weekend, Tom and his talented family celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Atelier Tom Munsteiner, and we were lucky enough to catch up with the artist himself to get a little insight into the event, and find out what advice he would give to the Tom of 20 years ago!

COUTURE: Where is the exhibition taking place?

Tom Munsteiner: The exhibition took place in our Atelier and workshop in Stipshausen, a small countryside town in Germany, near Idar-Oberstein.

COUTURE: What kind of promotion has taken place surrounding the exhibition?

TM:  We promoted the event with an exhibition catalogue, which we shipped out to our friends and clients internationally. Furthermore, we did advertise it by email and social media such as Facebook.

COUTURE: What are you most excited to showcase at this 20th anniversary exhibit?

TM: The most exciting piece for us this year is definitely our big Paraiba “Apollo”, which we also had as a submission on the COUTURE design awards this year.

COUTURE: Looking back 20 years, what piece of advice would you give the Tom of today?! 

TM: Always stay true to your own ideas and concepts!

COUTURE: How has your work transformed throughout the years?

TM: My work is constantly developing and evolving in many ways, which is reflected in the many different series of works we have created during the last twenty years.

COUTURE: What influences affect your work now that may have not been as apparent 20 years ago?

TM: My designs are often heavily influenced by nature and architecture, but also by the many experiences I’ve collected throughout the years.

COUTURE: Has the evolution of technology impacted your work in any way? Please explain?

TM: We are not impacted by technological developments very much, since the majority of our work, both the stonecutting and the goldsmithing, is done with very traditional equipment.


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Michelle Orman

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