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A Tradition of Generosity

In the wake of natural disasters and tragic attacks, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on the good that emerges during these hard times. Stories of strangers risking their lives for others and sharing their own limited supplies of food, water and shelter are uplifting reminders that there is kindness in the world and that we are truly in this together.

When we discuss generosity of spirit, our dear friend Cindy Edelstein comes to mind. Since her passing in January of 2016, COUTURE has renamed the Human Spirit Award the Cindy Edelstein Award, presenting the inaugural award to her daughter, Remy at the 2016 COUTURE Design Awards.

The 2017 COUTURE Design Awards was also a momentous occasion in that we unveiled our new venue. Hosting the awards in the Encore Theater brought well-deserved glamour and significance to the event, and allowed us to celebrate our talented community in an atmosphere commensurate with the occasion. We are delighted to return to the Encore Theater next year when Stephen Webster, winner of the 2017 Cindy Edelstein Award, takes the stage to present the 2018 award.

Which leads us to announce…we are now accepting submissions for the 2018 Cindy Edelstein Award! To nominate a community member, please click here.

As a reminder, this person must possess the following qualities:

  • A leader in the fine jewelry and timepiece industry
  • Dedication to the success of both up-and-coming and established brands
  • Demonstration of long-standing commitment to the COUTURE community and the industry at large
  • An inspiration to others through an enthusiastic attitude and unabated vitality

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

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Gannon Brousseau

Gannon Brousseau

Gannon was named the Director of COUTURE in April of 2012, and in 2015 he was named VP of the Emerald Jewelry Group. The fresh perspective he brought to COUTURE, his innovative thinking, his genuine appreciation for style and design, and his relentless dedication to understanding the fine jewelry and watch industries has led to the organic evolution of COUTURE as a true community.

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