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Whether a designer, brand, retailer or editor, if you’re in this industry, creativity is a driving force behind your business, which means that taking time to relax and re-charge is a requirement! Some people are lucky enough to be able to check out completely, while others are smart enough to work in a little relaxation when traveling for business. We trolled social media to see who went where, and we came up with a smattering of images that often inspire intense feelings of jealousy. But the way we see it, this is our opportunity to take a few vicarious summer vacations, and as much as we love seeing everyone dressed in their finest during COUTURE, it’s amazing to see the relaxed, often make-up free faces of some of our friends and admired ones from across the globe….

Designer Suzanne Kalan looks beautiful, relaxed and sun-kissed in Mykonos, Greece.

A trip to Mykonos, where she has a home, was also in the cards for designer Diane Kordas. It looked like a lovely send off for her daughter, who starts her freshman year of college this fall! (Congrats, Diane!)

Apparently, Mykonos should be on everyone’s travel agenda! Designer Anita Ko also spent some time in Mykonos, after a stop in Capri, of course!

Yves Spinelli of Spinelli Kilkollin, checked in from Puglia, and we’re told his adventures took him throughout Italy….how about a few more pictures, Yves?!

It is well-documented on social media that Irene Neuwirth knows how to entertain. It looks as if she took that skillset to Mexico, where she spent some time relaxing, tequila tasting and cooking for and with friends!

A relaxing time with family was in order for designer Karma El Khalil, who spent time in her family home in Lebanon.

Annette Ferdinandsen neglected to geo-tag her “VACATION” post, but we can affirm that she 1) saw a fabulous rainbow and 2) went somewhere tropical where we’d like to be right about now…

With a new baby, recently married (and returned from an exquisite honeymoon) and traveling for work, Amie from Louis Anthony Jewelers didn’t have much time for a proper vacation this summer. That said, it looks like she managed to work in a few glorious days in Miami while working with Dior.

Jill Newman, Executive Editor for Robb Report, is quite possibly one of the hardest working women in Hollywood! And we’ve always admired how she seems to relish her environment and take time to smell the roses, whether she’s traveling to cover some fashion week or other, to visit her family or behind the wheel of a race car…yes, the wheel of a race car (where she apparently hit 130 mph!).

Another one who always seems to be working is Liza Urla of Gemologue! But there’s something about Liza that makes us suspect that she’d look glamorous, divine and relaxed no matter where she was, and the city of lights creates a sublime background for her summer excursions.

While she claims that she completely checks out for the entire month of August, Margo Raffaelli’s Instagram account tells another story! She’s also never more than 4 minutes delayed on replying to an email, which is how I got ahold of these stunning shots from her mother’s home in Turkey, where Margo is currently “checked out” (while posting daily!).  

Designer Stephen Webster never fails to entertain us, and his personal Instagram account (@MrStephenWebster) is loaded with a summer of adventures with his wife Assia and their two kids. However, before all of that clean, wholesome, family fun, Stephen headed out with Jeff Feero from Alex Sepkus and a couple of friends for one of their infamous, epic, annual road trips. This time they started in NYC and took Route 66 into the deep south….oh dear, to think about all of the people they encountered and the stories those people will likely be telling their kids for generations to come…

If you’ve taken a trip you’d like to share with the rest of us, feel free to email with images and details so we can seethe with jealousy, er, I mean, write about it, here!

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