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Before COUTURE 2016, we introduced a hashtag, #thisiscouture. The response was fantastic. Members of our community—from designers to retailers to media—have posted thousands of pictures on social media showcasing the most stunning jewelry and timepieces in the world. And while we are constantly in awe of the artistry that the COUTURE world produces, we have always firmly believed that the one thing that truly distinguishes COUTURE and makes it so special and unique, is the genuine sense of community that everybody feels being a part of it. It’s not just a great week one time a year held at a world-renowned hotel. It is a community of friends, artists, confidants and colleagues that hold one another in high esteem. So at a time when things are so divided, we wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate our unity as a community. And in the spirit of the upcoming holidays, we want to give thanks by giving back. 

This is our challenge to you! We want to embrace who we are as a community. Post to social media a picture, a video, a story, a poem, whatever you think best encapsulates what COUTURE means to you, and hashtag #wearecouture. Tag someone else in our community and encourage them to do the same. For each and every post, a donation will be made to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital via Jewelers for Children. We’re so excited to see all of the creative and inspiring stories we’re sure you’re going to come up with, and we wish you all the best for an incredible start to your holiday selling season! #wearecouture 

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Gannon Brousseau

Gannon Brousseau

Gannon was named the Director of COUTURE in April of 2012, and in 2015 he was named VP of the Emerald Jewelry Group. The fresh perspective he brought to COUTURE, his innovative thinking, his genuine appreciation for style and design, and his relentless dedication to understanding the fine jewelry and watch industries has led to the organic evolution of COUTURE as a true community.

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