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Kavant & Sharart’s Summer Vacation!

When it was announced that Kavant & Sharart would be exhibiting in Design Atelier in 2016, there was an immediate buzz surrounding the brand. Editors who are always interested in knowing what brands are new to the show immediately perked up when I mentioned Kavant & Sharart…in fact, images of their jewelry were possibly the most requested prior to the show. So when the designing-duo couple took home the prize for the COUTURE Design Award in the “Debuting at COUTURE” category for a stunning pair of transitional earrings, nobody was exactly shocked!

In writing about Nuttapon (Kenny) and Shar-Linn for one of my weekly media alerts prior to COUTURE 2016, I became very interested in their on-going sources of inspiration. The couple divides their time between Bangkok and Singapore, and travels throughout the region before seamlessly blending Kenny’s organic style and Shar-Linn’s fascination with Art Deco and the Oriental arts into their wearable works of art. This past summer, Kenny, Shar-Linn and their “bundle of joy” visited Japan and immersed themselves in a truly Japanese experience that is bound to influence their designs. I caught up with Shar-Linn to get a little insight into the highlights of their trip, and to take a vicarious journey via their pictures:

We simply love Japanese food and culture, and it is so steeped in tradition. When you visit, you can truly immerse yourself in their culture. We always prefer staying in ryokans (traditional Japanese houses) over hotels. The experience is way more personal because these ryokans tend to be smaller and the service is catered to you. We enjoy ryokans surrounded by manicured, stylized gardens also known as Nihon teien and ideally with onsen (hot spring bath) within the compound. And we will always opt for a Kaiseki Dinner because it completes the entire experience. 

On our last trip, we found that the Jigokudani Hell Valley was really charming; the rock formations and the landscapes were breathtaking. Also, the hot spring water from the valley was rich in minerals–we had the luxury of enjoying the water in our ryokan. And in Hakone, the open air museum was truly inspiring. From Piccaso to Naum Gabo we were deeply intrigued by the works of art. Naum Gabo especially has inspired our latest collection. 

But the biggest highlight has to be sharing these experiences with our family, and especially our little bundle of joy!

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Michelle Orman

Michelle Orman

Michelle Orman is the president of Last Word Communications, which spearheads the public relations for the COUTURE show. A 15+ year veteran of the COUTURE community, Michelle is obsessed with all things jewelry and watch related! To be included in COUTURE Musings, email Michelle at

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  1. These designs are swoon-worthy. Kavant & Sharart remain “One to Watch” as designers of both innovative and beautiful jewelry. We love it!

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