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Summer in the City

Jewelry Market Week in New York City is upon us, and we hope to see many of you at the JA New York show, and at other various events taking place throughout the city. From WJA’s Awards for Excellence, to the American Gem Society’s Circle of Distinction dinner, there will be much to do and see!

Amidst the summer traveling and seasonal happenings, we wanted to take a moment to recognize two very special men in our industry–Mr. Harold Tivol, and Mr. John Von Bargen. It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to two of our most fearless leaders. Mr. Harold Tivol, a longtime businessman, entered the trade in 1946 and spent the rest of his days committed to the Tivol jewelry store and the industry at large. Mr. John Von Bargen, founder of Von Bargen’s Jewelry in southern Vermont, set the standard for excellence in retail and was known for his supportive nature. While both Mr. Tivol and Mr. Von Bargen will be missed greatly, we know their spirit lives on as we continue celebrating their great accomplishments.

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Gannon Brousseau

Gannon Brousseau

Gannon was named the Director of COUTURE in April of 2012, and in 2015 he was named VP of the Emerald Jewelry Group. The fresh perspective he brought to COUTURE, his innovative thinking, his genuine appreciation for style and design, and his relentless dedication to understanding the fine jewelry and watch industries has led to the organic evolution of COUTURE as a true community.

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