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Viva Las Vegas with Gannon Brousseau

One of the things that impressed me most about our COUTURE Director, Gannon Brousseau, when he came on board 5 years ago, was how he spent most of his time listening. He was thoughtful, inquisitive, genuinely interested; he did his due diligence in gathering as much intel about our amazing industry as he could. He then went on to ensure that he personally connected with every single one of our designers, traveling the globe, literally, to meet with people, learn about their businesses and their design processes and hearing their personal stories. He extended this courtesy not just to our designers and brands, but also to our retail community, and even our editors. So while he’s had many milestones since he came on board–he got married, had an adorable little baby boy, got a big promotion–perhaps his greatest achievement is how many deep, meaningful relationships he’s developed over the years. And while none of the team usually experiences that same undivided attention–he’s an avid multi-tasker when he’s around us–we all know he cares as much about us as he does the rest of his COUTURE family.

COUTURE: How many years have you been working with The COUTURE Show?

Gannon Brousseau: This will be my fifth year at COUTURE- I understand there were bets that I wouldn’t last more than one…I am not sure if I won or they did 😉

COUTURE: Vegas Uniform?

GB: Zegna- Made to Measure

COUTURE: Vegas Mantra?

GB: Let me see what I can do…

COUTURE: Vegas Theme Song?

GB: Obviously stoked for TV On The Radio to take the stage this year so the song is a toss-up between “Wolf Like Me” and “Golden Age.”

COUTURE: Vegas Evening Ritual?

GB: Nothing beats a dinner party

COUTURE: Sanity Tip?

GB: NEVER leave the Wynn

COUTURE: What are you most looking forward to at COUTURE 2016?

GB: Seeing each and every person that makes up this incredible community.

Gannon with Tomasz Donocik at last years CDA

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Michelle Orman

Michelle Orman

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