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Viva Las Vegas with Erin O’Donnell

Each one of the details that you never have to think about but that make your life easier–from the positioning of the ‘you are here’ dots on a map, to the signage directing you to the villas or salons–as well as all of the elegant touches that make COUTURE COUTURE, fall under the direction, in one way, shape or form of our Marketing Director, Erin O’Donnell. An absolute force of nature who is somehow able to stay organized despite one of the longest “to-do” lists in existence, Erin’s unassuming, low key demeanor is but a thin guise of her absolutely hilarious sense of humor. While she may say that her sanity tip is lots of laughing, it’s more accurate to say that Erin’s hijinx keep us all sane!

COUTURE: How many years have you been working with The COUTURE Show?

Erin O’Donnell: 6 wonderful years 🙂

COUTURE: Vegas Uniform?

EO: Strictly dresses, makes getting ready extra easy.  

COUTURE: Vegas Mantra?

EO: Quality control

COUTURE: Vegas Theme Song?

EO: “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie (*updated onsite: “Don’t Cry Out Loud” by Melissa Manchester)

COUTURE: Vegas Evening Ritual?

EO: Walking barefoot from the elevator to my room.

COUTURE: Sanity Tip?

EO: Laughing

COUTURE: What are you most looking forward to at COUTURE 2016?

EO: Seeing a year’s worth of work come to life. All of the jewelry is an added bonus. 

 Erin with Jodi from Gumuchian

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Michelle Orman

Michelle Orman

Michelle Orman is the president of Last Word Communications, which spearheads the public relations for the COUTURE show. A 15+ year veteran of the COUTURE community, Michelle is obsessed with all things jewelry and watch related! To be included in COUTURE Musings, email Michelle at

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