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Marco Bicego Gives Back!

Italian-based designer Marco Bicego is known world-wide for his distinctive designs, impeccable craftsmanship, and innovative artistry. What we weren’t aware of was the commitment to community service that thrives within Marco and among all of his employees! The staff recently did a team-building event cooking dinner at Ronald McDonald House in San Francisco, and this year at COUTURE, instead of hosting their usual, lavish, pre-show team dinner, they’re taking to Las Vegas to volunteer with Three Square, a local area food bank. We caught up with Julia LeBlanc, Marco’s VP of Marketing and Communications, to get some more intel on this company’s admirable contribution–made even more admirable given that it’s happening at the dawn of COUTURE madness:

COUTURE: Tell me a little bit more about Marco Bicego’s commitment to volunteering? Where does it come from? 

Julia LeBlanc: Marco and many of our employees are very dedicated volunteers and donors. We all donate to various causes personally (we have a CASA mentor on staff, I am on the Major Gifts Committee for the Children’s Hospital and we all donate to various animal welfare groups and schools). Professionally, we give to over 50 charities a year. 

COUTURE: How did you select Three Square Food Bank as an organization to work with in Las Vegas?

JL: We looked at different websites to see what was available for our time period and our large group of 25. When we saw that Elaine Wynn is their largest donor, it all just clicked! She is a great friend of the brand and we admire her and her philanthropy and dedication to helping others. 

COUTURE: Normally, Vegas is all about glitz and glamour, was it tough convincing your team to participate in a volunteer effort during COUTURE?

JL: No, actually it was easy! We have such a strong, tight-knit team led by Moise and Deborah Cohen, who are very committed to several San Francisco-based charities. We all love to give back so no one was sad to miss out on the glitz and glam. Plus, they can get that on the other 6 nights that we’re in town! 

COUTURE: Is it only Marco Bicego staff participating in the volunteering or are some of your retail/media partners joining you?

JL: We asked Elaine Wynn to join us!

COUTURE: Do you know what types of things you’ll be doing with Three Square?

JL: Stuffing boxes, sorting food items and organizing. Whatever they need!

COUTURE: What’s in the future for volunteering for your team?

JL: The sky is the limit! We will make Three Square a regular event at COUTURE and we will continue to give back any chance we get- locally, domestically and globally!

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Michelle Orman

Michelle Orman

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