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Sutra Jewels–What’s in a Name?

Sutra Jewels has always led with its brand name, preferring to let the jewelry–and the brand–speak for itself, while the talent behind the jewelry stayed quiet. But as we head full-steam into COUTURE 2016, boosted by growing prominence in several international markets, and recent holiday meet-n-greets, that’s all about to change! Designed by Arpita Naviakha, in joint partnership with her husband, Divyanshu, Sutra is ready to showcase the brand’s personal perspective and share it with their COUTURE family.

Arpita and Divyanshu initially began their courtship when they met at The Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Both originate from families in the jewelry world, with similar upbringings in two different regions of India. Arpita hailed from western India from a family that manufactured commercial jewelry, while Divyanshu’s family specialized in traditional Indian jewelry out of northern New Dehli. They both possessed immense knowledge of the industry, but by choice, they were armed with a different set of skills. Combined with her husband’s expertise in fine gem sourcing, Arpita’s limitless creativity resulted in a labor of love that fused remarkable use of color with cutting-edge construction. The collection evolved into a beautifully handcrafted line with instantly identifiable works of art, all stemming from a unified creative vision. From material to masterpiece, and stone to story, each piece reflects the couple’s intense personality.

COUTURE caught up with Arpita while she opened up on her personality, inspirations and a few of her favorite things….

COUTURE: What’s your favorite material to create with?

Arpita Naviakha: Emeralds and paraibas, always. They are forever my favorites. I can create inexhaustibly with either of them. 

COUTURE: What’s your favorite piece that you made in the last year and why? 

AN: My opal and rose-cut spinel flower cuff with pave diamonds. It’s a truly special piece. It took countless hours to finish and is made up of hundreds of stones.

COUTURE: What’s the most sentimental piece of jewelry you own?

AN: My 11 carat untreated sapphire engagement ring that my husband cherry picked the stone for.

COUTURE: If you could be anything other than a jewelry designer, what would it be?

AN: There is no other job for me. I was born to do this. 

COUTURE: What’s your favorite holiday and why? 

AN: Diwali, it is our Indian new year! It’s my favorite because everyone is in the holiday spirit. Best of all, it’s a great time with family and good food. 

COUTURE: You have 30 minutes to work out – what do you do? 

AN: Squash, it’s a game similar to racket ball. It offers a total body workout and can get really competitive, which I like.

COUTURE: Top bands in your playlist – go! 

AN: Coldplay, Calvin Harris, A.R. Rahman, U2

COUTURE: Favorite Food?

AN: I love anything vegetarian, spicy and homemade. 

COUTURE: What’s your favorite animal? 

AN: I love animals in general. I love dolphins, birds, dogs and rabbits. You’ll see a lot of animal inspiration appear in my line. Especially in the new collection for COUTURE this year! (exclusive information)

COUTURE: How many kids do you want in total? 

AN: Two, I have a daughter and would love to give her a sibling one day! 

COUTURE: Best childhood memory?

AN: Vacations my family took together. We went somewhere different every year. Now I look forward to it with my family. 

COUTURE: Favorite place in the world to really get away?

AN: We go to Maldives often. It fuels many of my collections such as the paraiba line. It is the exact same color of the water there.

COUTURE: Who is the funniest person you know? 

AN: My husband Divyanshu (said as she laughs out loud)! 

COUTURE: Who are you designing for? 

AN: I am designing jewellery for the modern woman with exceptional taste who is not afraid to make a bold statement.

COUTURE: Why are you a designer? 

AN: Designing is the only thing I have ever imagined myself doing. I remember playing with stones as a little girl in my father’s factory saying I wanted to make beautiful things for girls like me to wear one day. Now I am here and loving every thing about it. My daughter is now saying the same thing at 4 years old.

COUTURE: What values do you hold dear in your design practice?

AN: I believe in quality craftsmanship. I will spend countless hours on one piece. If it is not beautiful, wearable and comfortable then it is not complete. We use a 360 degree design theory and my master jewelers and I literally spin the pieces around over and over to make sure nothing is over looked. No detail is ever too small to go unseen.

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