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Honoring a Legend

Our community is still mourning the loss of our friend and colleague, Cindy Edelstein. And though many of us have been looking for words to describe this loss, I have found there aren’t words to truly describe the impact she has made on many of our lives and our industry as a whole. 

From established designers to up and coming talent and from industry organizations to the press, Cindy touched the lives of so many. Her generosity of spirit and genuine passion for everything she did will be an ongoing source of inspiration to us all.

Within our community, we consider it our obligation to keep Cindy’s spirit alive the way we know she would have wanted us to. To that end, we will be paying tribute to Cindy and her family during COUTURE 2016 at our Design Awards ceremony on Saturday night. We hope that you’ll all be there to join us in paying our respects and celebrating this amazing woman. 

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Gannon Brousseau

Gannon Brousseau

Gannon was named the Director of COUTURE in April of 2012, and in 2015 he was named VP of the Emerald Jewelry Group. The fresh perspective he brought to COUTURE, his innovative thinking, his genuine appreciation for style and design, and his relentless dedication to understanding the fine jewelry and watch industries has led to the organic evolution of COUTURE as a true community.

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  1. Thank you for the post and for the tribute. We love her and we miss her. Cindy remains a beautiful facet in the sparkling brilliance of Couture.

  2. We will all Miss Cindy’s genuine love for the Talent she brought to us,and such passion introducing us, strolling her isle of artists. She was an old friend, we must always pay tribute to and continue her Quest for talent we can introduce to our clientele in this fine jewelry world we love.

  3. Cindy was an inspiration to many, a friend to even more of us. She said it as it was and we learned from it each time.
    Especially when you knew she loved you she was sure to tell the truth. In that way she always pushed us to be the best we could be.
    I will always remember Cindy…

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