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Bangkok Inspiration with Buddha Mama

Every year, the designers behind the brand Buddha Mama, mother and daughter team Nancy and Dakota Badia, take a trip to Bangkok. We caught up with them in the midst of this year’s trip to get the low-down on what goes on in “The Big Mango,” and to get a big batch of photos through which we’ll be living vicariously throughout a long, cold, New York City winter:

COUTURE: What is the primary purpose of your trip?

Nancy Badia: It’s a work trip. We walk daily to our production manager’s office, and occasionally we go to the factory. While we’re here, we see the work in progress of our one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces. We also take time to sketch, design and plan out the first half of the year. We’ve been working with the same artisans for years, and it’s great so spend some one-on-one time with them. We also spend some of our time shopping for gemstones.

COUTURE: How long do you stay for?

NB: We come every January and we stay for two weeks.

COUTURE: Do you get additional inspiration while you’re there?

NB: We always find new inspiration in the colors of the flowers, and the colors and sights of the very beautiful street and river life here. We even find inspiration in the foods and the way it’s presented on the streets or in local restaurants.

COUTURE: What do you do in your downtime?

NB: In our downtime we go to our favorite local spots for lunch or dinner, and we always visit a Buddhist Temple near by which also serves as an elementary and middle school. The beauty of the temples and shrines and the sounds of children laughing, it is really special, it’s a favorite place of mine. This trip we were also excited to run into our friend, the talented Erica Courtney!

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