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Rising High with Waltham Watches

Waltham Watches have a long history of tackling the unknown. In the early 1900’s, polar explorers Robert Peary and Sir Ernest Shackleton pioneered expeditions to the poles wearing Waltham Watches. And on Christmas day of 2015, two contemporary British adventurers, Hugh Taylor and Luke Blezard, plan to stand on the summit of the tallest mountain in the Americas in temperatures as low as -35 degrees celsius wearing their Waltham Watches.

The high-ascent climb up Mt. Aconcagua, Argentine, one of the “seven peaks” at 6,960 meters, is being endeavored in order to raise money for two South American charities who help underprivileged children realize their dreams. The adventurers partnered with Waltham because they, “…recognized a fellow free spirit, and a maker of high-performance machines that could make all the difference on our expedition.” They will be wearing the watches on the outside of their clothing for quick access in a hostile environment where they note, “With wind-chill at the summit, the experienced temperature can drop as low as -80 degrees celsius, so up there, every second counts.” Given that Waltham Watches are among the very few watches in the world that have been live-tested in these temperatures, they’re the ideal choice for these brave adventurers.

Be sure to follow their project, “Dream Big, Rise Higher” to show your support for this great cause!


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Michelle Orman

Michelle Orman

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