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Hometown Tour with Lana Jewelry

The Chicago landscape is integral to the Lana Jewelry brand. Lana’s infinitely wearable jewelry evokes the iconic architecture and nature of the Windy City, and she makes a point to take advantage of the rich history and expansive art collections readily on hand to further expand her creative resources. She’s also, as you’ll see in the below photo tour with the designer, a dedicated mom and wife, and a fierce advocate of exercise! Follow along and take notes as Lana spends the weekend showcasing some of her favorite, Chicago haunts.

Saturday Morning: A bike ride around Lake Michigan

“My husband is an avid bike rider, and he has gotten the entire family involved in his favorite hobby. We love riding along the Chicago lakefront on weekends. It’s unique to be in a city where you have a lake to your right, and a skyscraper skyline to the left. The architecture is such an inspiration to the way I design.”

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Saturday Morning: Joffrey Ballet Class with Blake

“The Joffrey Ballet is such a historical performance institution in Chicago. I wanted my daughter, Blake, to try every activity she desired, and ballet is something she loves. The professional Joffery dancers perform September – May in Chicago – it’s a must see performance!”

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Saturday Late Morning: Coffee at Allis Soho House

“Soho House is new to Chicago. Everything from the food to the atmosphere is curated and serene. I often meet my creative team here to talk projects from design to events. I also just hosted a fall event at the house discussing my road from Russian immigrant to Fine Jewelry designer. The audience made moodboards inspired by Lana Jewelry; it’s a really creative and unique environment in Chicago. My family also adores both restaurants (open to public) on the first floor of the house: Chicken Shop and Pizza East.”

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Saturday Afternoon: Art Institute with the family  

“Chicago is so lucky to house this museum landmark. My family has a membership here, because it’s impossible to see everything in a day or a week, but you can be newly inspired and educated each time you visit no matter how many times you have been. Art is an inspiration to me, but watching my daughter engage with art is the ultimate in inspiration.”

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Saturday Afternoon: Lunch at Gibsons with the family 

“Gibson’s is a Chicago steak staple and you just can’t visit without dining here. It’s a good mix of locals and tourists. The service is exceptional, and everyone makes you feel like you’re at home. Bloodies for brunch, and dirty martinis for dinner. The décor is made up of a Chicago Wall of Fame covered in photos and magazine covers of Chicago’s iconic actors, musicians, and athletes…and now, designers! My interview with Ken Downing in the Neiman Marcus Book is framed on the wall.”

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Saturday Night: Fall Gala with Rob

“It’s Gala season! In the fall I find myself decking out in extra gold and diamonds for the cities best galas such as The Green Tie Ball, and Wood Family Foundation’s Storybook Gala. Chicago has great organizations that give back to great causes such as Paws, Make-A-Wish, and Lurie Children’s Hospital to name a few.

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Sunday Morning: workout at EBC with the family

“Morning workout at East Bank Club is a must. A family who works hard loves hard. I will work out wherever I am. Blake comes with me if she doesn’t have a sitter, and a hotel-gym is a requirement. No excuses. I have made working out part of my routine to be healthy and strong.”

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Sunday Afternoon: Architecture Tour

“My designs are often referred to as architectural and streamlined and that’s heavily influenced by Chicago architecture. I learn something new every time I take this ride. This city has so much history to offer, and the river to the lake to the skyscrapers have stories that will forever educate and inspire.”

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Sunday Afternoon: Shopping on Michigan Ave.

“I am so grateful to live in a city where my collection is so well represented. You can walk down Michigan Avenue from Nordstrom to Neiman Marcus to Bloomingdales, and my collections have a prominent home in the fine jewelry departments. It never gets old to stop and visit my babies. A walk down Michigan Avenue is very special for me. Bundle up – the fall weather near the lake is chilly!”

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