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Gumuchian’s Bees Knees…

Did you know that September marks Honeybee Month?! Why have a whole month dedicated to those little suckers I was taught to run away from in fear? Because their population is on the decline, and this threatens the survival of our entire food production system (not to mention, the honey I put in my tea each morning!). The awareness month was started by The National Honey Board, a US government established, USDA-overseen, organization. They chose September because it marks the end of honey collection season for many beekeepers in the United States, so what better time to promote US beekeeping, the beekeeping industry, and, of course, honey?

The designer of one prominent brand, Gumuchian, is decidedly not afraid of bees. In fact, when she learned of their decline, she wanted to do something to help, and so was inspired to design a constantly expanding collection of jewelry, The ‘B’ Collection.

“I have never been afraid of bees. I think they’re wonderful” said Patricia Gumuchian, who read numerous articles about the environmental effects of a declining honeybee population. “I look around our office of women and think about the worker bees – who are the female bees – and how valuable they are to our livelihood. Our family gatherings and holidays largely center on all types of foods. What would happen if these things just went away? The effects could be detrimental. We need to change what’s going on.”

The ‘B’ Collection is not only beautiful, it also directly benefits an important organization, HoneyLove, whose mission is to protect the honeybees by providing education and inspiring new urban beekeepers. The donations that Gumuchian has made to HoneyLove have already allowed them to host an urban beekeeping symposium and workshop. They’ve even had a hive named after them! And that sounds pretty sweet to us…




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Michelle Orman

Michelle Orman

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