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Viva Las Vegas with Penny Preville

Designer Penny Preville has been part of the COUTURE family since the very beginning! This year marks Penny’s 20th year at COUTURE, and with her signature feminine and intricately detailed jewelry, this prolific designer always gives us something new to look forward to. Worn by well-heeled women across the globe, Penny’s jewelry is also no stranger to the red carpet, where it is often the first choice of A-list actresses. We caught up with Penny to see how she Viva’s Las Vegas:

COUTURE: How many years have you been exhibiting at COUTURE?

Penny Preville: This is our 20th anniversary showing at COUTURE.

COUTURE: COUTURE turns 20 this year….what do you think COUTURE’s birthday theme song should be?  

PP: Diamonds by Rihanna 

COUTURE: If COUTURE were an animal, what would it be and why? 

PP: A butterfly, it allows all of us designers to have a fresh start and an opportunity to introduce something new and beautiful.

COUTURE: What do you consider the highlight of COUTURE each year? 

PP: I love seeing people’s first reaction to my new collection! And catching up with old friends.

COUTURE: What single piece of jewelry are you most excited to showcase this year?  

PP: It’s a surprise!

COUTURE: Whose jewelry, other than your own, are you most looking forward to seeing? 

PP: There are so many talented designers I admire and I always look forward to seeing new emerging designers.

COUTURE: Coffee or Tea? 

PP: Tea – otherwise I lose my voice! I bring my own English Breakfast tea bags from NYC

COUTURE: What’s your “secret weapon” for tackling Las Vegas?  

PP: Lots of water, a daily dose of chocolate chip cookies and ballet slippers for when my feet need a break!

COUTURE: What’s your earliest/most prominent memory of COUTURE? 

PP: My earliest memory of Couture was when it was at the Phoenician in AZ. Lots of fashion shows, pool parties, outdoor dining – it was one giant party!

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Michelle Orman

Michelle Orman

Michelle Orman is the president of Last Word Communications, which spearheads the public relations for the COUTURE show. A 15+ year veteran of the COUTURE community, Michelle is obsessed with all things jewelry and watch related! To be included in COUTURE Musings, email Michelle at

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