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Viva Las Vegas with Anzie

The team at Anzie are definitely among the “cool kids” in any room one enters. Not only is their fabulously wearable and chic jewelry, like, everywhere (because it’s just so fabulously wearable and chic, after all!), they are a family affair consisting of a gorgeous mother and two stunning daughters–Mom, Anzie, and daughters, Joanna and Jaclyn. As if that weren’t enough, this Canadian based brand has an extended team of super friendly gals who make you feel like you visiting their salon is the Greatest. Thing. Ever. Which probably contributes to their salon being perpetually busy. Before all of the Las Vegas mayhem, we caught up with the Anzie Team to see how they Viva Las Vegas!

COUTURE: How many years have you been exhibiting at COUTURE? 

Anzie Team: 5 years.

COUTURE turns 20 this year….what do you think COUTURE’s birthday theme song should be? 

AT: Frank Sinatra – My Way

COUTURE: If COUTURE were an animal, what would it be and why? 

AT: A peacock – luxurious, colorful, sublime

COUTURE: What do you consider the highlight of COUTURE each year? 

AT: Besides the fabulous Opening Night Party- It’s a privilege for us to be presented to our retailers and meet with our clients in such a beautiful and extravagant fashion. COUTURE is showcasing the worlds’ most beautiful and original product and for us the product is the highlight, we’re thrilled to be a part of that. 

COUTURE: What single piece of jewelry are you most excited to showcase this year? 

AT: Our one-of-a-kind Morganite and Diamond Starburst Etoile earrings. These dazzling blush-hued statement earrings are feminine, romantic and lightweight.

COUTURE: Whose jewelry, other than your own, are you most looking forward to seeing? 

AT: Sutra always has gorgeous pieces from India that are very different from ours.

COUTURE: Coffee or Tea? 

AT: Both! You can never have too much in Vegas.

COUTURE: What’s your “secret weapon” for tackling Las Vegas? 

AT: Anzie, herself! 

COUTURE: What’s your earliest/most prominent memory of COUTURE? 

AT: Our first year at Couture, we had a small booth but the way that we were treated with grace and elegance made us want to come back. Our stores were able to see our brand in the elevated way in which it deserved to be shown and we made some important connections for our company. We get a little more excited each year to see what the COUTURE show will bring.

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Michelle Orman

Michelle Orman

Michelle Orman is the president of Last Word Communications, which spearheads the public relations for the COUTURE show. A 15+ year veteran of the COUTURE community, Michelle is obsessed with all things jewelry and watch related! To be included in COUTURE Musings, email Michelle at

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