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Getting into the Spirit with Tiny Jewel Box

Tiny Jewel Box is a Washington, DC institution. Despite the clever name, this high end retail store is anything but small and yet, owners Matthew and Jim Rosenheim and their dedicated and loyal staff manage to make each of the five distinct floors feel cozy and intimate. I’ve long been a fan of both TJB and the Rosenheims, so I caught up with Matthew to find out how they tackle Holiday time!

Couture: Do you have a lot of trunk shows and personal appearances in the upcoming holiday season?

Matthew Rosenheim: We are located in downtown Washington DC, so our clients are typically pretty busy, time crunched people that don’t have too much interest in jewelry events when they aren’t built around a time of obvious need, so we do shows around Valentine’s Day and the first two weekends in December. We also run a bridal event in October and we’re doing an event with  Marco Bicego in October. Many designers themselves make personal appearances which is always a boost, and we often promote multiple designers at the same time.

Couture: How do you typically promote your trunk shows and PA’s?  

MR: The Marco Bicego personal appearance this October will be kicked off on a Friday night at  private event for about 10-12  special couples at Fiola Mare, one of the hottest new restaurants in Washington DC on the Georgetown waterfront. Award winning chef Fabio Trabocci has cooked for my guests at the store in the past, but this time we’ll create a magical experience for our clients at his fabulous new restaurant. The next day Marco will be in store. We’ll promote with a personal call campaign to most of our Marco Bicego clients as well as newspaper advertising, digital marketing and public relations. We’ll also bring in a media partner to offset costs and help bring in potential clients.

Couture: What’s new and exciting in terms of product for the holiday season?

MR: I’m loving the new collections that Marco Bicego has put forth, he’s on fire at the moment. Also I’m loving our new collection from Lauren Harper. She has a collection I would describe as modern deco, which is very stylish; great earrings, which are quite important on the fashion side of things.

Couture: What’s on YOUR holiday wish list?  

MR: I’m not really terribly comfortable on the receiving side of things. The giving is what gives me enjoyment.

Couture: What are you personally giving this season (give one example of a gift)?

MR: I collect vintage items, particularly Victorian interlocking heart pieces in pins and pendants that I buy and hold for my daughter or my wife. I’m a very sentimental person and I like symbolism and meaning. Don’t get me wrong…a great pair of diamond earrings or an expensive designer bag usually does the trick as well! 🙂

Couture: What puts you in the holiday spirit?

MR: Like many of my clients, and I would imagine many in the jewelry industry, I’m so focused on work that I find it hard to get in the spirit until just before the actual holidays. I like people and I like to connect with people that might not get much attention paid to them in their lives, so I do a lot of outreach to the homeless during the holidays, especially when it’s so cold out!

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Michelle Orman

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