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Getting into the Spirit with Broken English

LA-Based store Broken English has long been a bastion of style for a particular jewelry loving sect. Since it opened in 2006, the laid-back luxury of Broken English has made it a destination stop in Los Angeles and the “cool kid” of fine jewelry shops. So when we learned that store owner Laura Freedman was opening a location here in New York City, we couldn’t have been more excited! The new store is the perfect embodiment of the hip, Soho neighborhood in which it’s situated. The custom made marble and brass cases, the carefully curated selection of jewelry, and the relaxed attitude of Laura and her staff result in a space that New York City’s “cool kids” will most certainly be drawn to! We caught up with Laura to find out a little bit more about her approach to the holidays:

Couture: Do you have a lot of trunk shows and personal appearances in the upcoming holiday season?

Laura Freedman: We have taken a different approach to trunk shows. We like to host an event over the course of a few days where we invite a designer to come and have a party, lunch or dinner where we celebrate their work. We usually do about 4-6 of these a year. I’ve found that my customers don’t like a high pressure environment. At Broken English we like to create an environment where the designers are celebrated and they get the chance to really connect with our clients. I think is important for clients to feel a connection to the pieces they buy and to the designers who make them.

Couture: How do you typically promote your trunk shows and personal appearances?

LP: We promote our events in a number of different ways through social media, email, advertising, press, personal invites, and good old fashion hand written invites.

Couture: What’s new and exciting in terms of product for the holiday season? 

LP: Im excited for some of the new lines that we picked out this summer Loquet, Inez and Vinoodh, Brooke Gregson, Finn, and Xiao Wang. I am really excited for all of the new designs that are pushing the edge of the envelope. I’m looking forward to seeing designers step out of the box and look for the next thing that inspires them. I think its important for designers to stay true to their designs and find their own heart beat. Now more than ever there is a lot of copying and I would like to see less of this and more creativity.

Couture: What’s on YOUR holiday wish list?

LP: Anita Ko Leaf Bracelet, Atelier Zobel Rutile Cuff, Inez and Vinoodh Enamel Rings, Brooke Gregson One of a Kind Opal Necklace, Aida Bergson Snake Ear Cuff, Parulina Bird Ring, Yossi Harari Sara Rose Cut Diamond Ring, Carla Amorim New Chain Earrings

What are you personally giving this season (give one example of a gift)?

LP: Dana Rebecca Necklaces and Earrings, Anita Ko Spike Earrings, Brooke Gregson Woven Bracelets, Smith and Mara Skimmer Earrings, Jacquie Aiche Finger Bracelets.

Couture: Do you have any holiday traditions, either personal or family traditions?

LP: Every year I do a big holiday dinner with friends and family. On Christmas day I like to be outside and go for a hike with my dogs.

Couture: What puts you in the holiday spirit?

LP: Being around kids is the best to put you in the spirit!

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Michelle Orman

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