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Pinar Oner’s Summer Time Fun Time

Pinar Oner caused a huge buzz at Couture 2014 and we’re thrilled that she’s keeping the buzz going by participating in our upcoming Couture Press Preview. This Turkish-based designer draws constant inspiration from the historic richness of her surroundings, perfecting her craft in the Grand Bazaar in the heart of Old Istanbul. We caught up with Pinar to get a little insight into her approach to summer, and we found out her dog days are a lot more active than ours tend to be!

Couture: What’s your summertime uniform?

Pinar Oner: Extremely casual. Shorts and a t-shirt.

Couture: What’s your ideal summer getaway?

PO: Any scuba diving place. Generally in the southern part of Turkey.

Couture: What’s on your summer bucket list each year?¬†

PO: Scuba diving,  motocross, camping, traveling.

Couture: What is your current, must have accessory?

PO: I always wear the same pendant and my engagement ring

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Michelle Orman

Michelle Orman

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