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Anthony Lent’s Summertime Fun Time

Anthony Lent Jewelry¬†recently held a successful Kickstarter campaign in order to raise funds to pay for trade show expenses, tools and materials…in the words of his sons, David and Max Lent, who are deeply involved with the family business, their father is a master chef with only eggs and sugar to work with and they wanted to get him better ingredients! Applying the popular crowd-sourcing to fine jewelry design is something unheard of and unexpected, but clearly a genius idea that many others will inevitably emulate. We caught up with this dynamic team just before spending the day with them at Couture Press Preview this Wednesday, July 30th, to find out about their approach to summer:

Couture: What’s your summer uniform?¬†

Max Lent: Now that Anthony Lent jewelry is attracting more attention, we’re starting to polish some of the rough edges in our wardrobe department, too. After spending decades in the shop, Tony especially is looking forward to enhancing his image now that he’s getting back out into the world. Still, we try to stay comfortable and casual, equally at home in our Philly studio and at the New York office.

Couture: What’s your current must-have accessory?

ML: We’re big fans of black Ray-Ban Wayfarers, timeless American sunglasses that go perfectly with our own black onyx snake bracelet. Both look especially cool when you’re in short sleeves.

Couture: What’s on your summer bucket list each year?

ML: Where we’d like to be right now is just down the valley from Aspen, relaxing in the Rockies away from the city but within reach of another island of art, culture, and sophistication. But Tony really likes to be in the shop, even in the summer, vacationing in his own imagination. The rest of us head to the beach, to the woods, to a BBQ or two: simple summer pleasures that we’ve been enjoying since childhood. When we’re feeling whimsical, though, we go to the Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo, NY.

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Michelle Orman

Michelle Orman

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