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Pamela Huizenga’s Summer Time Fun Time

On the heels of our Viva Las Vegas blog series leading up to Couture, we’re shifting our focus onto summer and looking to the designers participating in our Couture Press Preview on July 30th to give us some tips for summer time fun time! Pamela Huizenga has been a part of Press Preview since it launched in 2012 and we’re excited to spend another day with her, her gorgeous jewelry and her laid back energy again this year! We caught up with this native Floridian and self-proclaimed “rock hound” to see what her summer is all about:

Couture: What’s your summertime uniform?

Pamela Huizenga: Linen pants…pretty much all linen and light cotton, anything that’s easy, lose and cool. Because it’s hot here! Today for example at 11am, it’s 84 degrees with 70% humidity. It will be in the 90’s later. You want to wear anything you don’t need to bother ironing!

Couture: What’s your ideal weekend getaway in the summer?

PH: For us it’s going somewhere north, like New England or the mountains of North Carolina, where it’s cooler and there’s just a totally relaxed environment.. My husband and I are actually going on an ideal weekend getaway on Friday, we’re going to Rhode Island to visit some friends and hang out in Newport.

Couture: Do you have anything on your summer “bucket list?” 

PH: Every summer we try to figure out how to get as many of us family together as possible. A time when it’s not a holiday or a wedding, it’s just to hang out. This year we’ve already checked this off! We just got back from Alaska with the whole family, 19 of us in all. We were missing one cousin but other than that we were all there!

Couture: What’s your must have summer accessory?

PH: Anything that’s new and exciting in my collection of course! Right now I’m bonkers over the new collection, “Floresta de Pedra” which is Portuguese for “Stone Forrest.” It’s a whole fossilized collection–wood, coral, ferns, palms, any fossilized materials, that’s my thing. I’ve been wearing my new pendant and I love it, and of course, aquamarine bracelets, you’ve got to wear aquamarine bracelets in the summer….

Couture: Amen, Pamela, amen…..

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Michelle Orman

Michelle Orman

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