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Viva Las Vegas with Pamela Froman

Designer Pamela Froman and I share many common friends. From retailers to colleagues to fellow designers, our ships always seem to be passing in the night! So I wanted to catch up with her and get to know her a little better (I mean, outside of running into her at the Tower Suite Bar), as well as get some of her tips on Viva-ing Las Vegas!

Tell me about your work space in Los Angeles?

PF: I share a really cool studio space with my husband, who is a photographer and painter. It’s great because I can just run back to him and get photos taken of my jewelry whenever I need to! With the photography, the jewelry making and all of the light, it’s just a very artistic space. My 9 year old son, Hudson, is also very artistic and he has his own space in the studio to work on his own projects.

So is Hudson artistic also? And where does the name Hudson come from?

PF: His name is Hudson Elijah….I’m originally a New Yorker, and when my husband and I met, he lived in Soho and I lived on the Upper West Side so we’d take the Hudson River Drive to see each other! And yes, Hudson is very artistic. His art teacher loves him and gives him more challenging projects that he doesn’t give to everyone else. At a young age, Hudson really understood perspective on his own, without anyone teaching him. He loves all the arts, not just painting and drawing but he likes coming up with rap songs, making movies with his friends….on our last family vacation, after swimming, the three of us sat there and did pastels together!

Were you also into art at a young age?

PF: I went to Art and Design High School in Manhattan so I was always very into art as a kid. Then I went to FIT, but I was going to be a fashion designer, not a jewelry designer. Fashion was just not as much fun as I thought it would be so somehow, I switched to jewelry. I moved to Paris for three years and designed costume jewelry for some very big couturiers, it was totally cool! With costume jewelry you can do big, crazy, wonderful stuff!

So how did you get into fine jewelry?

PF: I studied fine jewelry at FIT and then after Paris, I was commissioned to go to Basel and report on trends for companies who wanted me to make collections for them, so I got into fine jewelry that way. In 2006, I had just had Hudson, and I decided to try out for JCK’s Rising Star. I was told by multiple people that nobody ever wins the first time….and then I won! And I realized I had to actually start a company! Jilienne, who still works with me, had to turn into half nanny, half helping me with my business.

So how many years have you been exhibiting at Couture?

PF: This is my 7th year at Couture….oh my God!

What’s your packing strategy?

PF: I pack everything that I can possibly find, you’d think I was building my own booth from scratch. I bring my entire wardrobe and end up wearing the same outfit. I want to bring everything! We pack….hammers, I’ve never used a hammer.

Strangest thing you’re bringing?

PF: This year I’m bringing chocolate hammers and…my own pillow? Is that strange?

How do you stay sane at Couture?

PF: I guess I’m just so happy to be there, I just love seeing everyone, I love seeing all my friends, I love the jewelry community, and I keep my sanity by just seeing all my friends and colleagues!

Favorite restaurant?

PF: Wing Lei

Vegas Beauty Routine?

PF: Under eye concealer and spanx!

What are you most looking forward to this year?

PF: I’m looking forward to seeing Gannon chew out Victor Velyan for doing something inappropriate! And hanging out at the Tower Suite bar after dinner!

What are you dreading?

PF: I’m dreading my feet hurting

How many hours do you sleep each night in Vegas?

PF: 2-4

Signature cocktail?

PF: I have a corny, girly drink like a frozen melon ball! Anything frozen and sweet.

Theme Song?

PF: “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons or “Raise your Glass” by P!nk!

Favorite Quote?

PF: “Live by your vision, not your circumstance.” -Chuck Pagano

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Michelle Orman

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