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Viva Las Vegas with Michael John Jewelry

We previously caught up with Michael Hezar of Michael John Jewelry on Couture Musings, where we got a chance to see how he “kicks it” in his personal life! In order to keep up with his athletic lifestyle, we imagine this would-be professional soccer player has to live a pretty clean life. So what happens when he gets to the City of Sin? We checked in on him to find out, and it looks like even this dedicated game strategist doesn’t get much more sleep than the rest of us during the Couture show! Check out how Michael Hezar Vivas Las Vegas, and get a sneak peak at some pieces he’ll be launching from his Deja Vu collection:

How many years have you been exhibiting  at Couture? 

MJ: This is my 4th year.

What’s your packing strategy?

MJ: I have an amazing team with a comprehensive checklist, and they ensure that everything gets packed. I typically pack the jewelry myself, depending on the number of display showcases we have at the booth and the number of trays that we want to keep in the back. Then everything is listed, inventoried, and numerically accounted for by the team.

What’s the oddest thing you bring with you? 

MJ: Sunblock…Yes, it’s Vegas in the summer, but I’m lucky if I even get to see the sun during the show!

Do you have any tips for staying sane during the show? 

MJ: I try to have fun. It gets stressful at times however, I believe in absolute preparation and putting 100% dedication into the show months prior. The rest is up to God and destiny. I try to work hard, have fun and party spend time with my amazing industry friends at night.

Favorite restaurant in Vegas?

MJ: Bartolotta Italian restaurant at the Wynn.

Vegas beauty routine?

MJ: I try to go to a spa and get a massage the week before the show. It’s relaxing and gives me a chance to collect my thoughts and re-energize.

Average number of hours you sleep each night during Couture? 

MJ: I usually don’t sleep much. On a good night, I might get 5 or 6 hours of sleep per night.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

MJ: I look forward to seeing the results of my hard work at the show. I work hard to display my imagination and creativity in the form of wearable jewelry, but it’s always nerve-wracking to witness the industry’s response and to see what my retail clients think of the new designs.

What are you dreading this year?

MJ: It’s always hard for me to be away from my kids.

Signature cocktail?

MJ: Wine.

Signature candy?

MJ: Any kind of chocolate.

Theme song?  

MJ: Rocky’s song – “Eye of the Tiger”

Favorite quote?

MJ: “Life is 20% what happens to you and 80% how you react!”


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Michelle Orman

Michelle Orman

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