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Viva Las Vegas with Colette

I first had the chance to meet French-Mexican designer Colette when I interviewed her for a previous blog post that explored her world travels. I was already madly in love with her jewelry, but after that I also became completely drawn to her warm, positive energy. Further solidifying anyone’s suspicion that I may have a slight girl-crush on Colette is my admission that every time I come across the picture of Colette taking the stage to accept her award in the “Diamonds Under $20K” category at last  year’s Couture Design Awards event, I think to myself, “Couture is the beautiful people’s show!” And now I find out she manages to maintain her internal and external beauty during Couture on very little sleep. See how she does it here:

How many years have you been exhibiting at Couture? 

C: This will be my 10th year.

What’s your packing strategy? 

C: Elegant dresses. Solid colors. Comfortable high heels… but AMAZING ones. Some sort of wrap/light shawl or a crazy cool strong shouldered blazer. Pretty flat shoes for when its time to take off your heels. Super comfy PJs. 2 cocktail dresses. 2 sets of sweatpants with sweat shirts. Massive candy stock. Picture of my family. Candle. Rescue sleep spray. Ipod. And TONS of my hand installations to rock all week long!

What’s the oddest thing you bring with you?

C: Epsom salts – to put in the bath and “depuff”

Do you have any tips for staying sane during the show?

C: Have fun with it, be positive. We are in the business of creating beautiful things and as a result, we are making people happy!

Favorite restaurant in Vegas?

C: The Italian one at the Wynn. And I am always up for sushi – I put a ton of sriracha in my soy sauce, with lots of lime.

Vegas beauty routine? 

C: Water, water, water and orange juice. Lots of hydrating. And glycolic masks. Good night sleep the first two nights and then it’s on for the party! Also 2 days before getting to the show – full body exfoliation and deep tissue massage, and juicing.

Average number of hours you sleep each night during Couture?

C: 4 – 5

What are you most looking forward to this year?

C: Showing all my new babies and finding a good home for them!

What are you dreading this year?

C: Running out of candy in my booth.

Signature cocktail?

C: Mojito with TONS of lime!

Signature candy? 

C: Very special candies I bring from Mexico. If you come by my booth, you’ll be lucky enough to try some!

Theme song? 

C: “SNAP! I’ve Got The Power” It’s me and one of the girls I work with’s motivational jam. We stack a ton of pieces on our wrists and scream “I got the powaaa!”


C: It’s all about positive thinking and pink glasses, reality doesn’t depend on reality itself. Reality depends on how you look at it.

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Michelle Orman

Michelle Orman

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