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Viva Las Vegas with Alberto Parada!

This post marks a series of posts we’re planning on highlighting in these final days leading up to Couture….yes, believe it or not, Couture is (gulp) only 6 weeks away! We thought getting some “tricks of the trade” from retailers, exhibitors and editors would be a good way to get us all prepared, and hopefully, ease some of our collective stress!

Alberto Parada is a self-taught designer who has been designing fine jewelry for 10 years. A native of Uruguay, he is influenced by the simplistic, natural beauty of his native land. He is also deeply influenced by his love of the environment, and his designs utilize only conflict-free diamonds, fair-trade gems, and reclaimed gold. In addition to being a member of the ‘No Dirty Gold‘ campaign, he participates in several charitable events throughout the year that benefit sustainable causes, and has been a driving force in the sustainable fine jewelry movement. His commitment to the cause has caught the attention of several celebrities with a similar mind-set, including the always gorgeous Jessica Alba. So without further ado, let’s see what Alberto has to say about the upcoming Couture show!

How many years have you been exhibiting at Couture?

AP: This will be our 2nd consecutive year exhibiting at Couture. This is very exciting to be able to come back for a 2nd year!

What’s your packing strategy?

AP: I tend to pack the night before I travel

What’s the oddest thing you bring with you?

AP: The oddest thing I bring would be my small personal sound machine- this helps me sleep at night, especially when I’m anticipating the next day, I need to have as much sleep as possible.

Do you have any tips for staying sane during the show? 

AP: Yes….I drink a scotch midday, at 2pm.

Favorite restaurant in Vegas?

AP: Hands down, my favorite restaurant is Mizumi

Vegas beauty routine?

AP: I don’t really have a beauty routine/regimen while in Vegas, I just shower twice a day 😉

Average number of hours you sleep each night during Couture?

AP: On average, I sleep for 6 hours. It’s a decent amount, considering it is Vegas 😉

What are you most looking forward to this year?

AP: I am most excited to see my friends and fellow designers. I always love catching up with those I haven’t seen in a year. It always feels as though not much time has passed when we all get together.

What are you dreading this year?

AP: I’m dreading the last day of the show. I honestly love showing at Couture and those few days are just so great that I hate it when it ends.

Signature cocktail?

AP: My signature cocktail is Oban 12 on the rocks

Signature candy?

AP: Definitely peppermint patty!

Theme song? 

AP: “Everlong” by the Foo Fighters

Favorite quote? 

AP: Victory is not won in miles, but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, win a little more. –Loius L’Amour


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