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Red Carpet Wrap Up–The 2014 Academy Awards

For several years all of us jewelry obsessed revelers of the Oscar’s red carpet have been sorely disappointed. The overall consensus was, in so many words, BLEH! Tonight however, we were all giddy watching the stars arrive! Statement necklaces, bold earrings, stacked bracelets and jaw dropping cocktail rings were ubiquitous and we couldn’t have been happier. In the words of the imitable Monica of iDazzle, “So, my R.A.S.S. syndrome didn’t kick in tonight (that’s Rage Against Stylists (who) Stud). Nary a diamond stud to be seen.” Amen, Monica….Amen!

Herewith, some of the jewelry highlights of the night:

Love ’em or hate ’em (and yes, we hated a few of them), a major trend in dresses was, light, airy colors in muted pastel or metallic-y hues. Not everyone can pull off this look (without the benefit of a serious spray tan anyway), but it turned out to be an excellent backdrop for jewels. Cate Blanchett and Naomi Watts, as per usual, looked especially stunning. Cate’s dramatic opal, gold and diamond earrings by Chopard were almost distracting they were so breathtaking, while Naomi pulled off her statement necklace by Bulgari and classic “Serpenti” bracelet effortlessly.

Cate and Naomi


All award season long, Lupita Nyong’o has been killing it on the red carpet and tonight was no exception! There were actual countdowns to Lupita’s foray onto the red carpet, so when she emerged wearing what she went on to describe as a “Nairobi blue” gown with a plunging neckline, you could hear an audible gasp across the internet. I loved her selection of edgy, Fred Leighton ear cuffs, bracelet and especially her striking headband. She also chose the sweetest frog ring which she explained was her “family totem.” Way to keep it personal Lupita! And congrats on taking home the Oscar!

LupitaLupita Jewelry Close Up


Another nod needs to go to the Kristen Bell. She’s always so adorable and last night she showcased her inner vixon in a dress capturing the evening’s hue and dramatic jewelry by Piaget, including a statement necklace.

Kristen BellThe color of the night actually did contain some color….the always endearing Jennifer Lawrence stunned in a bright red gown. Despite stumbling and falling on the red carpet, she was still one of the evening’s best dressed (I’ll admit, her klutziness endears her to me, being somewhat, ahem, balance challenged myself) . Her Fred Leighton jewelry, including a “back lace” necklace, only served to up the ante on the overall effect she had.

Jennifer Lawrence A handful of celebrities turned out in my own personal favorite shades of black and dark navvy, always the perfect backdrop to stunning jewelry! Charlize Theron looked unbelievable in a black Dior gown…if this had been last year, we’d all be lamenting her lack of jewelry. Well, it’s 2014 baby, and thankfully “more is more” is the new reality! I’d love if someone could weigh in in the comments section with more details on that absolutely stunning drop pendant by Harry Winston…we suddenly felt thrown back into the Golden Age of Hollywood with Ms. Theron’s look…and we liked it!

CharlizeI know I might catch some flack for this, but I was NOT a fan of Amy Adams overall look. Sure, she looked great, old world glam and all that, but her relatively buttoned up navvy gown, which I liked independently, left me craving one of the plunging neckline gowns that has made her a red carpet standout of late. And her hair looked a little mold-like to me. That said, her Tiffany’s jewelry was a bold choice and one we whole-heartedly approved of!

Amy AdamsI really could go on for hours and hours with a big ole smile on my face writing about all of the fabulousness we saw tonight, but I’ve got to sleep sometime! I encourage everyone to do a little more digging on your own and check out some of my other stand-outs of the evening, which include Julia Roberts, Anna Kendrick, Kerry Washington, Kate Hudson, Penelope Cruz and Jessica Biel. They all looked completely amazing. Also, a little note to Hollywood, or anyone trying to emulate Hollywood….enough with all the fillers and nipping and tucking that makes you look like unrecognizable cat women! Look at Meryl Streep. Sure, I’m sure she’s “had work,” it’s Hollywood after all, but she still manages to look like herself, and she’s still beautiful!

Congratulations to everyone tonight! In the words of the evening’s host, Ellen DeGeneres, who effectively shut down Twitter by posting the most re-tweeted selfie, “We’re all winners!”

Oscar Selfie





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Michelle Orman

Michelle Orman

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