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Down Time with Borgioni

For the past few years, Borgioni jewelry has been seen all over the pages of fashion magazines and on some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. This unique and extremely wearable collection is both feminine and edgy, and continues to expand in complete harmony with fashion’s biggest trends. It’s almost as if the collection can read your mind—you put on an outfit and say to yourself, “You know what jewelry would look so good with this….?” And BAM! They’ve got it at Borgioni!

The inspiration behind this Mother/Daughter designed line is well documented. Inspired by Emily Borgioni, Rhonda’s mother and Tiffany’s grandmother, and her unique sense of style, the collection began when these clever women re-designed inherited jewelry into pieces they themselves would want to wear every day. When they saw the reaction from friends, family and complete strangers, they knew they were on to something.

Tiffany lives in California and Rhonda is based in Florida and yet somehow, the collection continues to flourish. I was so thrilled to get on a call with this dynamic duo recently and get a little insight into their lives, design inspiration and their passions outside of jewelry.

Couture: What does it look like in your respective studios?

Rhonda: In my office I have a lot of papers organized in baskets, typically a soft blend of music is playing in the background, things like Enya, Sarah Brightman or Enigma, and my two Himalayan cats sit on my desk on top of everything!

Tiffany: I generally have music on in the background, usually pop music but sometimes I’ll switch to 60’s and 70’s music, I just love that era, it makes me happy! Generally I’ll burn some type of organic, soy candle, my favorite is peony. And then there’s my books, my computer, and my dog, a Yorkshire Terrier, has her own bed on my desk.

Couture: Clearly you two are animal lovers!

Tiffany: My mom is a one-woman-rescue operation! She’ll take in stray cats, get them spayed or neutered and then find homes for them. If she can’t find a home right away, she’ll board them until she does. My place in LA is too small to do that, but I volunteer at the shelter whenever I can, sometimes I’ll help with surgeries, whatever I can do.

Couture: Other than animals, what are some of your other passions, what do you do in your downtime to relax?

Tiffany: I do a lot of yoga, and I frequently do a barre class. And I always walk a lot. I’ll take the dog and my daughter and go for walks.

Rhonda: I also do yoga and a barre class, and I have two horses that I ride and show. I grew up with horses and somehow got back into it. Tiffany and I are both big riders. And then, of course, there’s retail therapy!

Couture: I’ve heard that there have been times that you two will shop separately, on two different coasts, and walk out with the exact same item! What brands do you like? Where is your style gravitating currently?

Rhonda: We both love Ann Demeulemeester, a Dutch designer who has sort of dark and trendy feel, with a lot of black, structured clothing. It’s very unique.

Tiffany: I’d say at least a quarter of our closet is Ann Demeulemeester, she also has the most amazing shoes!

Rhonda: And of course, we love Chanel! We’re not totally reliant on brands though, we buy what we respond to. It could be Theory, Splendid, whatever catches our eye. We like to create a balance in our wardrobe.

Tiffany: I am liking that the high waist, sort of hippy vibe is coming back a bit. I’m drawn to that era….my mom refuses to wear that, she says she wore it before and she doesn’t need to wear it again, but I love it!

Couture: You both have a great sense of style…how are you able to keep your collection of jewelry so on trend?

Tiffany: As far as the design process, it’s all about what we would wear. We’ll create a collection and pick out our favorites and wear them all the time, and that leads to other designs when we realize what the collection is missing. We basically create what we would want for ourselves.

Rhonda: I always envision that I am a shopper, would I go for that? Would I like it? We just really love every single piece personally; we know not everyone has our taste, but that’s how we design it.

Couture: Are you always on the same page when it comes to designs?

Tiffany: If it were just me designing, I’d create small dainty pieces and my mom would create bigger, bolder designs. It’s the combination of both of our influences that creates a good balance in the collection.

Couture: With the holidays coming up, do you have a lot of trunk shows booked?

Rhonda: We’re being more selective this year with our trunk shows. We have several shows scheduled with Neiman Marcus stores, but we really want to take the time this season to spend time with Tiffany’s 17 month old daughter! She’s coming here for most of the month of December so we want to take the time to enjoy her!

Couture: Where is your favorite travel destination?

Rhonda: I love Italy because there is so much to see and do! But if I really just want to relax and completely chill, I love Tahiti or Bora Bora.

Tiffany: Le Sirenuse in Positano, Italy is my favorite place in the whole world! I went with my husband on my honeymoon and we’ve gone back and visited many times after, I love it!

Couture: On that note….thank you very much for speaking with me and have a happy and prosperous holiday season!!



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