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Pamela Huizenga Sets Sail

With her prolific collection of jewelry and astounding array of loose gemstones, many of which she cuts herself, it’s amazing that designer and self-proclaimed “rock hound” Pamela Huizenga has time for any interests outside of jewelry. This laid back gal however, spoke with Couture and painted a colorful picture of a rich and intense family life outside of her jewelry business:

Couture: So you and your husband have a combined family of 7 children; you’ve mentioned that you love to travel together, how does that work out when there are so many of you?!

Pamela: We have a boat and we love being on the boat and on the water. I have always enjoyed fishing. My husband jokes that I can rig up the rod, catch the fish, clean it and cook it…great skills to have! Most of our kids like to fish as well. We just got back from a fishing trip in the Bahamas. A big difference in our fishing is that we fish for food, not for sport. So we aren’t fishing for sailfish or sharks, we want dinner!

Couture: So you travel on the boat! Tell me about one of your favorite trips.

Pamela: One of our favorite trips was in 2007, taking the kids from Florida to Maine by boat! We have a sport fishing boat with 3 staterooms and 1 crew room. We had 11 people on board for 5 weeks! Kids sleeping on the couch, toys, books and videos everywhere! We caught our own Maine lobsters and the kids would collect funky sea life found in the marinas. Traveling by boat allows you to visit places as a local, not as a tourist and you never have to pack up your suitcase to change towns. At that time our 7 kids ranged from 1 to 18 (they are now 6 -23).

Couture: Sounds chaotic!

Pamela: It was awesome!

Couture: Do any of your kids want to follow in your footsteps and become designers or Rock Hounds?

Pamela: My two older daughters (14 and 16) enjoy giving me ideas, sorting stones and sometimes putting together some color combinations. My youngest son (almost 8) is my official dropped stone finder, coming into the studio every couple of days to find the little beauties that fall to the floor. He is VERY good at it. It is my youngest daughter (6) who says she wants to design “jewelerys” just like me. She likes to draw out designs for me!

Couture: So what do you do in all of your spare time?!

Pamela: Haha! I also happen to enjoy working with clay (throwing pots or doing slab work), glass fusing, mosaic work and organic gardening. Right now we are growing blueberries, raspberries, tomatoes, basil, lemongrass, sweet potatoes, sour sop, peaches and oregano at our house. Other than that it is the constant energy of juggling work, kid’s school, sports and social schedules, home life, family, friends and fun!!!

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Michelle Orman

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