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Photo Tour with Todd Reed–Boulder, Colorado

Couture designer Todd Reed is well known for his stunning, “Raw Elegance” creations. Within our community, he is perhaps equally well known for his curly head of hair, his love of all things beautiful, and his passion for Boulder, Colorado, where he has an impressive studio and showroom on Pearl Street. When we asked Todd if he could give us a photo tour of Boulder, he was happy to oblige! Below, get a first-hand taste of Boulder as Todd takes us on a personal photo tour of his town.

The below picture was taken at an art exhibit at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. The artist is Viviane Le Courtois. Here you were given a small ceramic mug to drink tea out of, and then you were able to throw your cup at the wall, which created this.

Pedal to Properties is a cool business on Pearl Street. If you’re interested in renting or buying property, a real estate agent will take you around Boulder on a bicycle.

This is Johnny, a barista at the local coffee shop, The Laughing Goat. I stop here often!

The Pearl Street pedestrian mall is a favorite local hang out. Here is a look at some street artists playing music in the middle of Pearl Street (a common sight!).

Dish Gourmet is a sandwich shop right across the street from the Todd Reed offices that I often have lunch at. They have an amazing variety of delicious sandwiches.

DishGourmetThe Target in Boulder was completely empty on a weekend afternoon, which gives you an idea of the culture in Boulder. A sunny summer day is best used for spending time in the sun!

Years ago, Chloe, my hair stylist at Voodoo Hair Lounge, cut off my waist-length hair. She has been the only one to cut my hair ever since!



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