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Scott Kay Debuts SK66 Gallery to Showcase His Work

Scott Kay has been collecting things for years and years. Inpsirational art and antique furniture that sets a mood. Sconces and busts and cornices and armor all had found their way into his storage space because they evoke a mood or an image. And finally, the artifacts, artworks and bygone furnishings have found a new home in a renovated building next door to Scott Kay’s headquarters.

With the help of his wife Regina, an interior designer in her own right and now President and Curator of SK66, Scott has transformed the building into a showcase gallery for his jewelry as well as his own personal point of view.

The gallery is filled to the brim with mood and mystique.

Dozens of antique chests, armoires and breakfronts have been transformed into showcases. Overstuffed leather chairs and settees cluster about for clubby seating areas amidst the paintings, sculptures and bric-a-brac that sets a mood like no other store, gallery or frankly, movie set in existence.

Everything has a story, Scott said, each piece evokes something in the artist and his inspiration. From religious artifacts to historic knickknacks to just plain gorgouesness in mink, mahogony and leather it’s a deeply personal environment that has now become a members-only gallery. Yes, there’s a membership application.

The opening party was quite the celebration with industry folks, local dignitaries as well as friends and inner circle clients from all over. It was the culmination of years of planning and the entire Kay family was there to celebrate.

Here are a few photos for you to get a glimpse of “Scott Kay World” but you’ll have to experience it for yourself to really understand it.

The space is not open to the general public and Scott has said this is not a prototype for a bigger SK retail rollout so membership may be the way to go if you can get a sponsor.





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