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#Couture2012 Twitter Contest Gives Fine Jewelry Community Something to Tweet About During Las Vegas Jewelry Week

Couture is going viral! Are you ready to share, tweet and chirp with all your friends during the Couture show? Go ahead and follow us and like us (we know you already LIKE us, but you know what we mean!) so you can share your sparkling wit and charming personalities…and, maybe most importantly….WIN!

It’s Simple:
Follow @Couture_Jeweler on Twitter (click here)
Like us on Facebook (click here)
Use #Couture2012 for all tweets

Look for daily tweet sweets to include:

Comfy new Ugg slippers
Moet & Chandon Imperial Ice Party Pack
Your choice of $500 Sunglasses
A round of drinks for you and your friends ($125 or you can keep it all to yourself)
Dinner for 4 at Botero (it comes with the hard-to-get reservation!)


See our twitter contest rules here.


Our Twitter Stream will be showing all day long on the giant screen at the Couture Smart Bar so tweet away and see yourself on the screen.


Screen shot 2012-05-18 at 12.43.30 PM


First contest tweet has already been done — why not jump in on the fun?!?



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