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Marina B is Latest to Join the Ranks of Exhibitors at Couture 2011


Couture recently announced the addition of Marina B, the iconic brand created by Marina Bulgari, to its impressive roster of exhibitors for Couture 2011. The brand was recently acquired by Windsor Jewels, Inc. who will re-launch the collection in early 2011, with its U.S. launch taking place exclusively at Couture Las Vegas in June. Created in 1978 in Geneva’s Place du Molard by Marina Bulgari, the daughter of the renowned jeweler Constantine Bulgari, the Marina B collection flourished during the ‘80‘s and ‘90‘s when it became synonymous with Europe’s original jet set crowd. The brand continues to be prized by collectors and connoisseurs across the globe. 

Under the direction of Windsor Jewelers’ CEO Paul Lubetsky, Marina B is on track to once again become a fine jewelry brand appealing to the crème de la crème of high society. “Couture is unique among trade shows in the jewelry industry,” said Lubestky regarding his decision to hold the U.S. launch of this important brand at Couture.

“Couture alone can provide us with a setting that is consistent with the Marina B image and brand: upscale retailers and the high-end partners that are the vital elements to the success of the re-launch.” 

“Marina B’s impressive history and continued commitment to superior design make this a perfect partnership for Couture,” said Lee Arevian, Couture’s Director of Business Development, “We are proud to deliver the best-of-the-best in design to our retailers, and our comprehensive roster of exhibitors ensures that we cover the spectrum of today’s jewelry marketplace.” 

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