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Couture Jeweler Sevan Biçakçi feted at Fred Leighton and makes Brooke Shields cry

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"TEARS OF JOY: Brooke Shields fought back tears at Fred Leighton’s exhibit of Sevan Biçakçi’s jewelry in Manhattan last week. Biçakçi is known for his elaborately carved gold, silver and stone rings. “I get emotional about these things,” said the actress, who wore an octopus-shaped bracelet — its head fashioned from a large natural pearl, with long, diamond-encrusted tentacles that reached from her fingertips to midforearm.

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“When there’s someone like Sevan…someone who’s an artist who sort of represents this new sensibility, when you see those two coming together, I feel like he’s in good hands [with Fred Leighton].”
Emre Dilaver, Sevan’s Creative Director with Greg Kwiat, Brooke and Sevan enjoying the evening.

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