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Fine Jeweler Ylang23 in Dallas Celebrates 25th Anniversary

To celebrate their 25th anniversary as one of the coolest fine jewelry destinations in Dallas, Ylang 23 has asked 12 of their designers to design an exclusive charm to celebrate their 25th anniversary.


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Joanne & Charles Teichman, owners of Ylang 23 are donating all the proceeds to 6 of their favorite Dallas charities.

The charities are: North Texas Food Bank; The Family Place; Vogel Alcove; The Stewpot; St. Phillips School; and Jewish Family Service.

Designers of these exclusive charms include: Cathy Waterman, Irene Neuwirth, Ten Thousand Things, Catherine Michiels, Jennifer Meyer, Todd Reed, Jamie Joseph, Temple St Clair, Paul Morelli, Annette Ferdinandsen, Lucifer vir Honestus and Heather Moore.

Please visit the websites of these amazing beneficiaries, and let us know how we can help you customize your charms into bracelets, necklaces, etc.

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