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The 30 second Myth — Couture times the Travel From Wynn to Mandalay Bay

The time to dispel perception is now. With a careful eye to accuracy, Couture conducted several time tests, recording the distance from the front of the Wynn to the end of the strip which technically is 2.72 miles.

The test was done on a week day during mid day with average traffic, traveling by taxi. The result was an average of 16 minutes, 12 seconds. It’s an interesting fact, considering a walk to the Sands Convention Center from Couture using the pedestrian bridge times out at 15 minutes, 42 seconds (a mere 30 second difference). 

This means there is less than a minute difference between getting to the Sands from Couture on foot and getting from the Wynn to the end of the strip at Mandalay Bay by taxi.

The good news is all Couture attendees will travel in cool comfort and style in air conditioned vehicles, arriving refreshed and relaxed.  What’s the bottom line? Retailers and exhibitors have no need to change their work patterns or feel any concern about time spent traveling.


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