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Rare Padparadscha Premiers at JFA DESIGNS

Jean-François Albert has a reputation for having the most exquisite colored gemstones in his Collections, and he will not disappoint at this year’s Couture.
In addition to blues and yellows, Jean-François has set the most prized fancy corundum in the world.  He has brought a magnificent 7.20 carat PADPARADSCHA sapphire out of his safe, and has set it into a stunning ring in 18 karat white gold,   gracefully surrounded by 84 round brilliant cut diamonds, totaling 1.95 carats in weight.
This PADPARADSCHA has been certified by the AGTA as being from Sri Lanka, and Natural!

Padparadscha is all about the color, which is described as pink/orange/salmon… or yellow/pink/red, with flashes of orange reminiscent of a tropical sky at sunset.   The name derives from the Sanskrit/Singhalese word for Lotus Blossom.



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