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First Lady Michelle Obama Wearing Monique Péan and Mark Davis for Monique Péan Eco Friendly, Sustainable Fine Jewelry During Earth Month

First Lady Michelle Obama proves she travels in style. Conscious of earth month, Michelle Obama looks chic wearing MONIQUE PÉAN, showing her admiration for the green fine jewelry collection.

The MONIQUE PÉAN collection incorporates 25,000 year old fossilized woolly mammoth and walrus ivory, conflict and devastation free diamonds, recycled gold and other sustainable and exotic materials.

Mrs. Obama is also wearing pieces from the MARK DAVIS FOR MONIQUE PÉAN collaborative capsule collection, which also incorporates only sustainable materials at great price points.

This limited line speaks to those who appreciate bespoke luxury and look for beautiful, modern and avant-garde jewelry that makes a difference.

Monique Péan creates wearable art that raises awareness of the importance of sustainability and ethical trade while encouraging appreciation of indigenous art and culture and environmental issues. Michelle Obama is the perfect ambassador of Monique Péan sustainable fine jewelry collection as a strong and stylish woman.

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Monique Péan will be exhibiting at Couture in the MUSE salon #301.

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