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Couture re-Launches Human Spirit Award to honor exemplary Jewelers

Couture recognizes the good work done by so many of our industry colleagues.  We know, however, there is always one who stands out among others for his/her exceptional generosity of mind and spirit. 

For this reason, we are re-introducing our original Couture Human Spirit Award to honor and celebrate the person who has been exemplary in the following criteria:

  • A true leader in the jewelry community
  • Demonstrates a long standing commitment to the needs of the industry
  • Gives selflessly with humanitarian efforts
  • Carved a very special niche for inspiring others
  • Uses his/her voice, commitment and ideals to set an example for all of us
  • Demonstrates a consistent standard of excellence in business practices

Previously this award was presented to Ruth Tivol of Tivol Jewelers, Kansas City, Missouri and Gerald Goldwyn, of Eiseman Jewels, Dallas, Texas.

We will present this award to the recipient at our Design Awards Reception during our 15th Anniversary Event at Couture in June.

Please send your submission no later than April 20 by visiting  We thank you for your sharing your recommendations.

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