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Twist in Portland – a Jewelry Store with Great Design and Savvy Marketing

Paul Schneider, owner of TWIST with three stores in Portland and Seattle, was interviewed in December by on his savvy buying skills that saw his stores through a very tough year.

Here are some of the top-sellers he was banking on for the holiday seasion:

jewelry has definitely become more popular this year, as have pieces
that have meaning; whether it's words or symbols on it, people seem
very connected to that.
Artists have been finding more
creative uses of beautiful semiprecious stones and cutting the stones
in a different way — that's been really fun for people when they come

We've also been focusing more on wedding rings and bridal
jewelry. People are still getting married and for most people, it's the
most expensive and meaningful piece of jewelry they will ever buy. Ours
is not traditional jewelry but we respect traditions. We have diamonds,
platinum and gold rings. We've really created business there.

Read the whole article here. Kudo's to this savvy Couture Jeweler!

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