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Movado Founder Passes

Gedalio Grinberg passed away Sunday, January 4th
in New York at the age of 77.  Grinberg was the
founder and chairman of Movado Group Inc. 
Born in Cuba, he left
the country for America after Castro took power in 1960.  He
started in the watch business in Florida under the name North American Watch Co. which he later changed to
Movado.  He later moved the company to New Jersey and created a
business modeled after Cadillac.  He made
the watch a status symbol.  Grinberg's
innovative thinking extended to his private life; he was good friends with
several prolific artists and active with many philanthropic organizations.  He is survived by son, Efraim who is CEO and
chairman of Movado; his wife, Sonia; son, Alex; daughter, Miriam Phalen, and
six grandchildren.  He will be sorely
missed by the jewelry industry.


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