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2009 SAG Awards Red Carpet Jewelry

Jennifer Stone, 15-ear-old star of Disney's The Wizards of Waverly Place proved that
it's never too young to start learning about you’re a,b, and c's as in Couture's Erica Courtney.  Jennifer accessorized her
deep blue velvet gown with a cocktail ring and earrings from Erica's Tanzanite
collection.  Quite a bit of carat for
someone who can't even drive!  Jennifer's elders
on the runway held their own, even if many were more subtle than they've been in years past.  Two supporting female actor nominees, Amy
Adams and Taraju Henson decked themselves in Couture designer H. Stern.  Amy wore diamond studs with her dark-purple
Giambattista Valli gown.  Taraji's
complemented her Grecian white Herve Leroux dress with gold earrings and
jeweled bracelet.  Taraji led the SAG
pack with the most nominations, including: Best Ensemble Cast for a Movie Drama
and Best Ensemble Cast for a Television Drama. 

Jennifer-stone-sag-awards-01 Erica-Courtney®-tanzanite-E


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  2. Such a pleasant surprise that a 15-year old is drawn to this rarer than diamond gemstone, Tanzanite. A truly uncommon stone which is found in only one continent.

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