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The Cable Guy

No, not the Jim Cary flop, but Couture jewelry designer David Yurman, is the subject of a full-page designer profile in the January issue of Marie Claire.  In the extensive portrait of this iconic designer, Yurman  explains his “Cable Guy” nickname (his  distinctive designs are based on the DNA helix because it represents strength and life), and reveals his two primary inspirations—his wife Sybil and his horse Scooter.  Yurman’s first design was a bronze chain belt he designed for Sybil, “…who needed it for her bell bottoms for a party that night.”  A consistent favorite of socialites and celebrities, David Yurman’s fans include Amber Valletta, Kate Moss and sculptor Jacques Lipchitz (who was Yurman’s mentor).  In the interview, the designer expresses his optimism about the jewelry industry at large, noting how during an in-store appearance recently, "…some Dallas ladies had mixed my new designs with pieces they'd bought 10 years ago…" which is a good idea for any collector who can’t afford to splurge on entirely new jewelry wardrobe! 
David Yurman Marie Claire

After getting a sneak peek into the life and inspiration of a designer we’ve admired from afar for so many years, we’re even more confident that his new line of high end, bejeweled sunglasses will also become a staple in the wardrobes of well-heeled women around the world.

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