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Pamela Froman wins AGTA Spectrum Consumer’s Choice Honors Award

AGTA introduced the new Consumer’s Choice Honors Awards this year as a part of their annual AGTA Spectrum Awards™.

Couture Designer exhibiting in the Design Atelier, Pamela Froman, won top honors in the
Business/Day Wear category which, with over 120 entries, was the largest and most competitive.Picture 14

The Consumers Choice Honors Awards were selected by consumer panel members of the Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council.

The winning piece was Pamela’s stunning one-of-a-kind “Pearl Melange” Slide Necklace,
a creative combination of 18k Pink, 18k White, and 18k Green “Crushed” Gold, featuring beautiful natural-color Tahitian and South Sea Pearls with Diamond Accents.

Pamela’s signature colors of 18k gold perfectly complement the blue-grey, green-grey, and blushing-gold colors of the pearls, and the diamonds “dripping” down the sides of each pearl add a glamorous sparkle. Due to the popularity of this piece, Pamela is now hunting for
the perfect pearls to make a new version, which will also be a one-of-a-kind.

“The consumer is the most important voice in the jewelry industry and their opinion affects everything we do,” MVI President Liz Chatelain said. “We are excited by the choices our JCOC
panelists have made and we congratulate the creative minds behind the winning jewelry designs.”

“The addition of consumer research to the Spectrum Awards has provided us with insight into what consumers desire,” added Douglas K. Hucker, CEO of AGTA. “We are thrilled with
the results and look forward to presenting the Consumer’s Choice Honors award to our talented winning designers.” The Consumer’s Choice Honors award will be presented at the fabulous 25th Annual Spectrum Awards Gala this coming February in Tucson, AZ.

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