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Couture Jewelers Keep it Sculptural

People are scaling down on luxury–there is no doubt about it. In these uncertain economic times, the luxury markets are taking a big hit. Marketing jewelry as art is a different and promising area for profitability.

Sculptural pieces of fine jewelry can have very long, if not multiple, lives. Often thought to be 'of the moment,' highly designed and sculptural pieces of jewelry will always be in fashion, if the quality and design are right.

Take for example, Sevan's jewel-laden, decked out, sculptural rings. These pieces don't go for understated or subdued. In fact, they are bursting with details, such as crest and micro tiling. The shapes are inspired by architecture and history in Istanbul, and express a freedom of thought design.
House of Hope

Underneath this trend in sculptural jewelry is a thirst for individuality, a desire for uniqueness that will shine through the bleakest of time, and Couture jewelers have this in spades! 

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  1. Excellent works. First time I see this type of jewelry and I like it. Of course, gold and silver jewelry give another feeling of luxury. But it's a really nice goods. Thanks for the post.

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